The Secret Collective

The Secret Collective

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What is the secret collective? 

The secret collective is a collective group of women who love to read. It's a book club that discusses different books by Jahquel J. (And her new pen name.)

How does the secret collective work?

The secret collect works like a secret book club. The only way to get in, is by a code that will be added to the back of your book, so you can join the group. Each person will be verified before joining the group. Once you purchase, your name is added to the list. Once another collective book drops, you'll be notified to purchase. (You will never have to fight to secure yours. It's already secured.)You'll have a week to purchase before the link will disappear. 

Every two months the secret collective will have a link for NEW SUBSCRIBERS. If you're already on the list and have purchased, please don't repurchase. You're on the list, you're good. We'll only accept 25 - 50 new subscribers every two months. Slots will fill up fast. There's no restocks on this, and will never be. As for the book club meeting, we'll do one every time a book releases over zoom. We'll have wine glasses, zoom discussion and fun with each other. The zoom link will be available the day before the discussion. You have the option to leave your camera on or off. Each time we do a discussion, we can have a different host. 


What's the point of this? Isn't it like Treat Yo Shelf Box?

No. This is something for the Jahquel J. brand. While the TYS boxes are open for everyone, this one is one specifically for the Jahquel J. brand. Plus, this is a chance for Jahquel to step out the box fully with her new works. Think of yourself as Jahquel's secret collective. You'll get to test out the new-new and voice your opinion to her via zoom. Think of yourself as her team. 


Goes live today at 5PM (EST)



Please keep in mind that this a preorder. You'll receive your new pack in January, when the first book club meeting will occur. If you can't wait and prefer not to do a preorder, you can wait until February or March for the collective list to open again. 


The packs will shipped out starting January 14th, With the post office currently overwhelmed, and with the holidays, I pushed shipping back so we can avoid missing packages etc. JANUARY 14TH IS WHEN THE PACKS START TO SHIP!